Ading in Macedonia

Busines Centre ADING dooel

Str. Kuzman Sapkarev
1060 Skopje
Tel/Faks: + 389 2 20 35 170
Address: str. Kuzman Sapkarev no. 5 1060 Skopje
Tel.fax: + 389 2 20 50 981

“Biznis Centar Ading” DOOEL Skopje is a company established in 1991 mainly dealing with wholesale trade of construction materials. The structure of products forming part of the product range is intended for use in the construction industry with a variety of domestic and foreign brands.

“Biznis Centar Ading” is a distributor and authorised representative for the Firestone roofing membranes, TPH injection materials and waterproofing systems and Graspointner drainage systems and channels.
“Biznis Centar Ading” also offers VOX interior design materials, NetYapi expansion joint profiles, butyl tape, geotextile and PP fibres


INVEST-A, Skopje

Tel: + 389 2 20 34 840
Fax: + 389 2 20 34 850
Address: Novoselski pat (ul.1409) br.11, 1060 Skopje


“Invest A” DOOEL Skopje is a company founded in 2001 which has as its main business activity the finishing and rehabilitation works in the construction sector by applying materials from the product range of “ADING” and materials manufactured by foreign companies represented by “Biznis Centar Ading”. The company employs experienced engineering staff with architecture and construction background and has suitable equipment and tools for the activities that it carries out.

Furthermore, “Invest A” holds A license for construction supervision of first category buildings and B license for building contractor of second category buildings with a remarkable reference list of important administrative and commercial buildings in the Republic of Macedonia and in the region.



Tel: + 389 2 32 43 790
Fax: + 389 2 32 43 796
Address: str.Vasil Gorgov 21/2, lok.8, 1000 Skopje

“Biro Proekt” DOOEL Skopje is a company established in 2002 that offers a range of services in the field of design, property valuation, soft- and hard landscaping and marketing. The design team develops all the stages in the process of design and holds all necessary licenses and authorisations for design, supervision and revision, and it also holds a license for property valuation. A specialised team for design and delivery is responsible for the soft- and hard landscaping.

“Biro Proekt” is a daughter company which takes care of the complete image of all companies that form part of "Ading" Business System. As part of the marketing services, “Biro Proekt” offers support in the field of graphic design, corporate event management and public relations.


LA HEMIJA, Skopje 

Tel: + 3892 2034 861
Tel + 3892 2034 862 
Fax: + 3892 2034 864
Address: Novoselski pat (ul.1409) br.11 p.f.98, 1060 Skopje

“La Hemija” is a partner company established in Skopje in 2001 that is partly ownership of “ADING” and partly the ownership of Greek partners. Its main business activity involves wholesale and retail sale of chemical products for the construction sector and the industry.