ISO standards


Ading AD  obtained the  following certificates according  to ISO standards:

1. ISO 9001 quality management:

-   For ISO 9001-2008 with validity from May.13.2015 up to May.12.2018

-   For ISO 9001-2008 with validity from  May.13.2012 up to May.12.2015

-   For ISO 9001-2008 with validity from  May.26.2010 up to May.12.2012

-   For ISO 9001-2000 with validity from  May.13.2009 up to November.15.2010

-   For ISO 9001-2000 with validity from  May.13.2006 up to May.12.2009

-   For ISO 9001-2000 with validity from  May.13.2003 up to May.13.2006

-   For ISO 9001-1994 with validity from  March.1.2000 up to May.13.2003

-   For ISO 9002-1994 with validity from  May.26.1998 up to March.01.2000

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2. ISO 14001 environment management:

- For ISO 14001:2004 with validity from March.15.2015 up to March.14.2018

- For ISO 14001:2004 with validity from March.15.2012 up to March.15.2015

- For ISO 14001:2004 with validity from March.15.2009 up to March.15.2012

- For ISO 14001:2004 with validity from March.15.2006 up to March.15.2009

All processes of certification and recertification have been performed by SGS Yarsley Certification Services LTD, United Kingdom.

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Quality policy

ADING AD has implemented quality management system since 1998. The long-term successful management, planning, control and quality assurance with continual improvement of wishes and trust of interested parties, contributed for the company to become leader between global competition and proved that the company is capable to produce high grade products and offer high grade services.
The top management of ADING AD defines the quality policy with understandable vision, unambiguous mission and strategy for their implementation with the only aim for continual improvement of beneficiaries requirements and wishes, advancement of products quality, gaining of new products ,new markets, introduction of new technologies and expert advancement of employees. The top management is responsible for persistent carrying out of defined aims in the quality policy and its realization where are included all employees of ADING AD.
Quality policy is periodically re tested and updated by the top management according to requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2000.
Quality policy statement.pdf   

Policy statement of Environmental protection

Quality operation system in our company  means unique Management system   according to requirements  of ISO standards 9001:2000 and 14001:2004. That is expressed by Quality policy and environment  protection policy.
With  environment protection  policy  are acquainted all interested parties and employees in the company as well as the suppliers and consumers. The company operates ecological  and takes care  for its employees and also for surrounding, so it  best contributes in environment protection and its mediums against harmful effects during doing of every day activities in technological processes.
In the policy for environment protection are transformed  all requirements of  standard ISO 14001:2004 which are practiced wholly so we maintain system  management with  environment confirmed with certificate by SGS Certification services.
Environmental protection policy statement.pdf   

A – License for integration with the operational plan


           On 13.01.2014 ADING obtained an A – license for integration with an operational plan, issued by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning of the Republic of Macedonia. The A – integrated environmental license was issued as a result of the development and the modernization of the production process, as well as due to the application of the strict standards of environment protection that are compatible to the standards of the European Union.

Notification on the issue of the A – license.pdf   A – license for integration with the operational plan.pdf